Pictured is the Love Is Blind logo that has a red heart with sunglasses replacing the letter O in the word Love.

A dating site for disabled individuals

What is Love is Blind?


Love is Blind is a dating application where disabled singles can feel welcome and comfortable looking for that special someone.

I decided to develop this application after experiencing discrimination on other dating sites because I am visually impaired. Also there are tens of millions of disabled people in the United States alone and we don’t have our own dating application yet.

This application is being designed with the specific needs and desires of the disabled community in mind, including being fully accessible.

Above is a black and white photo of a couple walking down a boardwalk hand in hand under an umbrella. The boardwalk is lined with benches and lights. The wooden panels that make up the ground on the boardwalk are wet and it is surrounded by a seemingly large body of water.

How does it work?


The application will work similar to other dating apps, but with a few important differences.

If you are disabled, you can choose whether you are only looking for a disabled person, only looking for a non-disabled person, or if you are open to dating both. If you are a non-disabled person, you must be open to dating a person with a disability.

Also, profiles will include accessible info, such as video clips, with captions/subtitles for the deaf, and audio recordings for the blind. They will also have extensive info about individuals and what they are looking for.

Pictured is a close up of the back of a couple holding hands. The sidewalk they are walking down is blurry in the background and they are cropped out of the image at the waist at the top of the image and the thigh at the bottom of the image.


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